Department of computer-integrated technologies, automation and robotics


To Student

       The Department of Computer-Integrated Technologies, Automation and Mechatronics (CITAM) is an educational and scientific structural subdivision of the university, carrying out educational, methodological, organizational and scientific activities in the field of knowledge “Automation and Instrumentation”, “Electronics and Telecommunications”, training and advanced training of scientific and teaching staff, as well as educational work among students.

Department assignments:

  • implementation of educational and professional programs, curricula for training, retraining of specialists in the field of knowledge “Automation and Instrumentation”, “Electronics and Telecommunications” by combining training and practice, full and effective application of all elements of the educational process, taking into account the capabilities of modern information technologies;
  • development of all types of methodological support for the disciplines of the department and conducting training sessions at a high organizational and scientific and methodological level, provided for by the curricula of the relevant specialty, educational program or specialization;
  • education of future specialists through the formation of a civic position in assessing social phenomena, ensuring the rights and freedoms of man and citizen;
  • initiation, organization and direct participation in scientific and scientific-practical conferences;
  • carrying out research work and work on scientific and practical cooperation in the development and implementation of progressive information resource-saving and environmentally friendly technologies of radio-electronic instrumentation;
  • management of research work of students, organization of the work of scientific circles, holding olympiads, competitions on the profile of the department.
  • carrying out career guidance activities;
  • carrying out activities for the training of scientific and pedagogical personnel of the highest qualification.