Department of computer-integrated technologies, automation and robotics


The meeting was held remotely as part of the MOVEx project

On March 13, 2023, within the framework of the project No. 101083883 ERASMUS-EDU-2021-VIRT-EXCH-NDICI “Development of the Model and Common Information Space of Virtual Exchange Programs (MOVEx)”, a meeting of participants took place remotely, chaired by the project coordinator Mariusz Mazurkiewicz from Politechnika Wroclawska.


Representatives of the universities of Poland, Greece, Ukraine, Estonia and Georgia took part in the work of the meeting. From the CHINA department, the project coordinator from NURE prof. Filipenko O., as well as executors prof. Nevlyudov I. and Prof. Tsymbal O. During the meeting, issues of implementation of the program for the development of virtual learning platforms, international exchange and academic mobility were discussed.