Department of computer-integrated technologies, automation and robotics


Program of the event Day of getting to know NURE

We are actively preparing for the Day of getting to know KhNURE and advise you not to miss this important event of your introductory campaign to the First among the best😉

This time, we focused on introducing you to each educational program in detail☺️

The order of your actions:
💫 Watch broadcast, to get to know the university and learn about the details of Admission-2023

💫 View the program, choose the required educational program and meet with its representative using one of the links:
❕ІТ education in NURE #1

❕ІТ education in NURE #2

❕HiTech education in NURE #1

❕HiTech education in NURE #2

Choose your future with the First among the best already this Saturday at 13:00!