Department of computer-integrated technologies, automation and mechatronics


NURE announces additional undergraduate admission for 151 specialties

NURE announces additional admission for undergraduate studies in 151 specialties ”Automation and computer-integrated technologies”’!


Training is carried out according to the educational and professional programs ‘System Engineering’ and ‘Automation and computer-integrated technologies”.


We teach remotely, qualitatively, using innovative approaches.


Сtuition fee under the contract Full-time education bachelor 14900 UAH/year.

The cost of training under the contract Extramural studies form of education bachelor 9000 UAH / year.


Admission procedure:


            Step 1. From September 12 to September 23, apply through the applicant’s office for an extrabudgetary competitive proposal, submit a motivation letter along with the application.

Attention! It is possible to enter NURE without NMT (VNO) in 151 specialties!


Step 2. Get a recommendation for a contract, fulfill the conditions for enrollment – no later than September 29. 

For this you need through Admissions Committee Google form download a set of documents


Step 3. Order for enrollment – until September 30.


If you have questions, please visit:

Telegram дfor the admission questions




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