Department of computer-integrated technologies, automation and mechatronics


Academic mobility of students of the faculty of ACT

For more than 10 years, our students have been participating in the Academic Mobility Program for students of the ACT faculty.


The faculty cooperates with the Polish-Korean company Max Power, which provides vacancies for our students at the enterprises of Korean companies.

These are mainly factories of the Korean giant LG.


Production is located in the suburbs of the Polish city of Wroclaw. Wroclaw, in the past, is an ancient German city, which was called Breslau, after the end of the 2nd World War, it went under Poland.


Our students work 8-12 hours a day (optional), mostly on an automated line.
Weekend classes are held at Wrocław Polytechnic.


After the expiration of the internship period, a certificate is issued, based on which the disciplines of the current semester are recalculated.

Academic mobility of students of the faculty of ACT